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Involvement Fair

August 26th, 2013 by Anonymous

Ailish BarryBy: Ailish '15

Key. Check. ID card. Check. Phone. Check.

As I gather my things to depart my dorm room from Cedar Hall, I feel myself filled with many questions and anxieties. I have been at college for over a week now and, although, coming to preseason and meeting my cross country teammates has relieved a lot of the disquiet in my mind about my freshmen year, I still had a lot of questions about what lay ahead. At that current moment it was: what was going to be at this involvement fair? What should I sign up for? What kinds of people will I meet there? I leave my dorm and arrive at the quad where it is filled with many tables and friendly faces.  On the tables were sheets, info graphics about that particular club, and LOTS of free stuff.